Thursday, June 4, 2009

I found (The Take) online

This awesome link is provids the film and its subtitle. enjoy

I found (The Take) online

I found an awesome link that has this film with english subtitle
watch and enjoy

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

post # 6

I'm planning to interview a friend of mine who graduated with an associate degree in PTA and he is recently hired at a clinical office. Therefore, he definitely will be the most suitable person for me to interview. Certainly, he is now having a work status that might be different than the status he had when he was still in school. Thus, my researches questions will be the following
1-How does your progress from being a student to graduation and then to work as clinical assistant affect (modify) your status? And what you think the most important involving circumstances shaped your status?
2- What kind of status do you think the new job gives you? And do you satisfy with this status?3-how this status changed and how it affects your life traits of working and to what extent this status has changed?
4-what circumstances were involved to stimulate your status to change (money-high position-family obligations- friends)?
However, in order to find out about his status, so I had to set up some relevant questions that subjectively will aid in figuring out how his personal experience in the clinical office influenced his status. The following questions will help me to find out more about his status now and before.
1-What was your daily life when you were in school? And does being in school gives you status?
2- How this life in school helped you to succeed and fulfill your career?
3- Is there any obstacles faced you? And how you overcome on these obstacles?
4- How your life changed when you got this new job?
5- How you feel towards your job? Are you proud of your job and why?
6- Did this job give you a new status? And how would you define this status?
7- How surrounding people influence your view (co-workers, supervisor, and patients)? And how you feel in return of this influence?
8- What do you wish for your children? Do you wish for them to have the same status as you? And why?

Monday, May 4, 2009


As a matter of fact, globalization has integrated in our lives in which led us to have the access to everything at anytime in everywhere. Since then, we became a part of globalization as it is characterized by being so fast process in dealing with different parts of the world. In other words, technology is an indispensable tool in our lives that connect the entire world together. Of course, computers are kinds of the technology that they were made in different countries and assemble in other countries. In addition, we purchase our clothes that most likely were made in China and brought here to be used. these examples, prove that globalization greatly became a part of our daily lives. Moreover, the global economy has a recent negative influence on my job as a cashier at a private pharmacy. Due to the current economical recession, the pharmacy's owner had to cut hours from everyone. This also proves how bad the globalization can impact on business.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

post#2 (Status That Last Forever)

From my point of view, i think that people differ in thinking and reacting according to their own traditions and communities which has a great influence on the way that people think of things. One of these things is status which indeed people think of it differently due to the many factors such as society, environment, surrounding people (family, relatives, and friends). However, in my society, a decent status is simply when the person well educated and wealthy. Yet, not all people think in the same way, others deem that the person who has a superior quality of personality such as virtue and principles is in good status. In fact, this is might be true for some cultures and this is sounds about just right to me. Unfortunately, my parents used to tell me that the money is everything which gives you the authority to have the power and the respect from others. As a matter of fact, most people in my society think in the same way as my parents. But I believe that money is everything and nothing which means that money easy comes and easy goes. However, the virtue and principles cannot be lost that easy which it born with you and remains after you die to pass to the next generation. This shows that I aspire to status that stays forever instead of the status that can be lost with the first collapse.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The chore of my job

I'm currently employed at a private pharmacy in Manhattan as a cashier, which i have been working with them for approximately three years. At first my job seemed to be exciting and enjoyable and that maybe because i was a new New Yorker's immigrant. Or it could be because i was a big fan of New York, which it always was the unreachable dream since i was a little kid. It is hard to tell, whatever the reason is, after a couple months in my work, the sparkles of the new job had gone and the chore routine task had begun. My primary job is to ring up items on my cashier and to help out customers who need help in finding something. This it seems not kind of boring jobs, don't you think so? However, being a part of the job it reveals too many things that others never think of it. For examples, some of my coworkers are very nosy, they always like to interfere in people's business which it ends up causing them troubles. In contrast, my others coworkers are so amicable and they unbiased to anyone in our team. Overall, everything it seems bearable except some of my coworkers who never want to give up their bad habits. I'm pretty sure that if the pharmacy's head fired those annoying coworkers and hire new workers the job's atmosphere will be much better.